24 June 2010

A girls night out at the rugby!!!

June 23rd a night my daughter and I had been looking forward to for weeks. NZ Maoris vs England at McLean Park in Napier. Two days ago I decided that we would both need a lovely woolly "Neck Warmer" to wear, a quick trip to the local wool shop and I was all set to sit down and do some knitting. However Ruby the cat thought I had created a cool toy for her and Billi the dog decided he needed to be asleep on my knee, I managed to complete my neck warmer in a night and Latecias the following day.

We got dropped off at the rugby early to soak up the atmosphere, lots of people with there faces painted, lots of Dads with their kids... and me all rugged up looking like a Mitchelin Man with my layers of poly prop tops and merino, fleece lined wind breaker, hubbys thick socks, neckwarmer and 2 pairs of gloves. After getting our compulsary hotdogs and drinks we settled in the stands, the ground was quite foggy and a dew was starting to settle. Apart from this the hustle and bustle of everyone was great!

After a rousing Haka, that bought tears to my eyes we were into it...

England were first to score but with lots of cheering and support from the crowd NZ Maori managed to get quite a few trys and penalty kicks. After lots of nail biting minutes we WON 38 - 25. A great night had by all.

A sneak peak at some of the stock for my new shop "Take a Friend" that is due to be opened shortly. Make sure you check back regularly and meet my Joobys that will be looking for a new home. Joobys are sneaky wee things that like to eat blue jellybeans and look up naughty words in the dictionary like bottom and toe nails.

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JO - Take a Friend


  1. I am a fan of blue jelly, beans also, cheers Marie

  2. I want a neckwarmer - it looks so delicious and warm - perfect for saturday mornings spent at kids soccer! Loving Latecia's hat too - did you make it?

  3. It was a very good game except I was sitting next to an English guy who was rather annoying cheering for the other team.

  4. Neck warmers look snuggly, looks like it was a good night... you can't beat a good haka.

  5. yummy, yummy... I will definitely need one of these for Saturdays game in Hamilton.. and with a jooby in my pocket we will be ALL good for mischief!


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