17 June 2010

meandering creations...

I am excited by what is waiting for me on my worktable. They are random scatterings, delicious murmerings of possibilities, collections of ideas, some experimentations and old friends waiting for a voice. I have been holding back from diving in because work life and study (Visual Arts and Design) have been more demanding, taking more space than I ever imagined. But now the time is here, the muse is whispering prettily in my ear, I hear her offerings and I have learnt to listen, NOW!
.... she doesn't wait for dinner to be cooked, the bath to be cleaned or the children to be put to bed.

So here are my visual clues, the prompts if you like, for me to follow when I arrive to the worktable, ready to create from the whispers...... I start here. Its never a straight line to where I end up, its a journey filled with gaps, longings and hope, and some good luck! AND just maybe, my handmade creations will breathe on their own and float out into the world..


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