13 July 2010

Rainbow bird Tutorial

What fun to make Rainbow needle felted birds: You will need: Carded wool, needle felting needle and a small piece of sponge pad.
1.. Take a piece of wool 7 inches long, make a knot 1 inch from the end, fold small bit over head and needle felt in.

2. Concertina the wool to form a body, and needle felt in.

3. Take a piece of wool 7 inches long and fold in half, lay this on the back of the bird, this forms the tail, needle felt in

4. Take a piece of wool 5 inches long and wrap it around the birds body, going over and under, needle felt in.

5. Take a 5 inch piece of wool and wrap it horizontally around the bird and needle felt in

6. Spend a bit of time firming the bird by poking it with the needle

7. Get a small bit of pink wool for the beak and needle felt it first on the sponge pad, then add to bird.

8. Add some dark blue wool for the eyes and you have it, you own little blue bird of happiness.

You can buy a Rainbow set of my birds on my FELT and ETSY shops
Or you can purchase a kit, which comes with full instructions, rainbow carded wool, needle felted needle and sponge pad.

This is an original design by Softearthart

Have fun. cheers Marie


  1. What a fantastic tutorial Marie. I'm inspired to give it a try :). Thank your for sharing.

  2. This could be a good holiday project for the kids... Thanks for sharing this lovely tutorial.

  3. Hi Marie, most of our day was filled with rain so I made 7 of these wonderful little rainbow birds - my boys love them.. I enjoyed the tutorial and I look forward to many more. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful creativity with us.

  4. thansk for sharing!! I'd love to give it a try now:)

  5. Cute birds Marie. I'll have to try these as a beginning needlefelter.


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