06 July 2010

StickyTiki Studio Tour

Hi all, my name is Kim and I co-own a wee company called 'stickytiki' which I run with my partner in life Si. I am the arty one and he is the techy one (although I am currently..under duress learning the technical side of things!). We make hand crafted fabric wall decals for kids. They originate from my paintings, drawing etc and Si turns them into the finished product that can be stuck to the wall. Below is a photo of our StickyTiki studio space, which was in 1875 the storage shed for the Ahuriri general store..(we live in what was the general store).

I have a room inside the house that I use as my create space, so for painting and creating the new designs for ST..this is very much a shared space with our 3 children Zav, Jasper and Kahlo (but they do respect my artwork and only use their own paints not mine).
My messy work desk..try as I may I never seem to keep a tidy space, I am creative amidst chaos!

All big decisions are made from this chair..if I had the time I would sit here for hours contemplating the wall opposite...contemplation is a very important part in making art, but unfortunately for me life is way too busy to be allowed this luxury often!

From the chair yesterday I briefly contemplated this after I had finished making it..then again in between cooking the dinner, printing and the ads of Desperate Housewives! I am doing a little job for the Hawkes Bay Exhibition Centre for a show 'Puti Puti- The Flower in Contemporary New Zealand Art' (which opens Friday night) This and an installation of some of our roses will go in the foyer for the show. I have made the NZ out of our Pohutukawa flowers...and I can possibly see we may have to add this to our range as I think it may be quite popular..what do you think??

Anyway I am off now to make a floral frame..also for the show and will post some pics on my blog when it is all done.
Have a great week and thanks for reading:)


  1. WOW!! Kim, What a cool creative space, just love the Pohutukawa flowers, Cheers Marie

  2. What an amazing workspace(s). I'm so jealous Kim :)
    And I love, love, love the pohutakawa NZ - would be a great addition to your range.

  3. I absolutely love, love, love it... you are so clever. I love the space you work it and can totally understand grabbing what contemplating time you can in between kids, cooking meals etc... x

  4. Hehe, I can relate to the creative chaos. Right now everywhere but my working space is tidy and functional... And now I'm off to work amongst the chaos! Great post, loved seeing what other creatives are up to :)

  5. WOW!!! What a cool creative space, just love those Pohutukawa flowers, cheers Marie

  6. I love it, Kim! And I love your pohutukawa New Zealand!


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