31 August 2010

Introducing Our New Friends..

This week I have the pleasure of officially introducing the new ‘Friends of New Zealand Handmade’ to our blog readers.

You may have seen snippets about them on our Facebook page or noticed one-liners about their happenings at the top of our blog, seen their links and galleries on our ‘Friends of NZHM’ page, or read the 1st interview with one of our Friends last week. A very talented and diverse bunch that we’re delighted to be associated with and who you will get to read more about in upcoming interviews.  They are:

• Marian (of ‘Marian Smale’, Napier – although sadly soon moving North) – fabric artisan and creator of beautiful garments and accessories using repurposed and sometimes handpainted fabrics.

• Erin (of ‘Erin Carver’, Wellington) – artist specialising in vibrant, texturally rich mixed media collage works, mosaics, and wall hangings utilising patterned papers, vintage stamps, loved postcards, ephemera and more.

• Melanie (of ‘Felted Kiwi’, Northland) - Felter and soap maker – and believe it or not – these things can be combined into one product - Felted Soaps!  Handbags, wearable arts, and felting kits also feature.

• Louise (of Bibliographica, Waiheke Island) – handcrafter of the most exquisite miniature leather journals and botanical photographic studies.  Each journal lovingly bound by hand.

• Aimee (of Lily Pad Designs, Auckland) – maker of specialist 100% cotton children’s textile products – universal harness 'lily pad' liners and 'lily' keepsake pinboards using beautifully patterened fabrics.

• Christine (of ‘My 2 Monsters’, Hokitika) – knitter of  gorgeous baby and children’s beanies, booties, and toys with a difference.  Sewn girls ruffle skirts and peg bags are also a highlight.

• Jo (of ‘Jo Pearson’, Hastings) – print and textile creations utilising vintage fabrics, woollen blankets, coffee sacks and prints of days gone by in homewares and accessories – cushions, coasters, and more.,

• Irma (of ‘Fairyspit Dolls’, Hamilton) – felt and cloth art creations, creatures, and dolls with a distinctly magical edge .

• Pam (of ‘Fantail Digital Art’, Whangaparoa) – specialising in digital arts producing cards, invitations, canvases, vinyl word decals and prints, often with a New Zealand flavour.

• Rosie (of ‘Honey and Spice’, Dunedin) – concocter of delicious lotions and potions including soaps, lip balms, massage bars, conditioners and more, with divine flavours such as 'Kaffir Lime and Cardamon Creme Brulee'.

• Brenda (of ‘Natural Star, Christchurch) – gorgeous baby knitwear designer – beanies, mary janes, blankets, singlets, headbands are just a sample of their range. With a focus on timeless, classical , and vintage inspired.

• Greta (of ‘Topography’, Auckland)– creator of  top quality custom-made children’s t-shirts with unique logos and wording made up from handcut stencils and appliques.  Each shirt is made to order.

You can see more of ‘Friends’ work and links to their on-line shops and blogs by clicking here.

I am the lucky person from the NZHM admin team who gets 1st contact with potential new ‘friends’ and processes successful applications. If you would like to know more about what it means to be a ‘Friend of New Zealand Handmade’ and how we can help promote your business, share ideas and to become part of a great creative network of like-minded people set on getting our wares to the world, or even if you are just keen on meeting some new people – you can find details under our ‘contact us’ page. Or you are welcome to email us with specific questions – info@newzealandhandmade.co.nz.


26 August 2010

A Conversation with Melanie McMinn from Felted Kiwi

Who is Melanie McMinn?
Artist, freelance writer, sustainable/green/frugal blogger, designer, slave to Ed the Devon Rex cat and aspiring beekeeper.

What's your handmade groove?
Felt. I create with both traditional felting and modern needle felting techniques. I adore the cozy feel of wool, the gorgeous colours, the nearly unlimited scope for creation and long, fleecy locks.

What's on your bedside table right now? (hey, no tidying up or censoring)
Nothing saucy, sorry! A bedside table lamp and The Apothecary Rose, a Medieval Murder Mystery by Candace Robb.

Who are your creative role models? What music, books, images, poetry spark your creative fire?
The work of Stephanie Metz is beyond amazing. One look at her work and you have no doubt that felt is a legitimate fine art medium.
I'm also inspired by movie directors with a strong visual style- the Celtic flair of Peter Jackson, Guillermo del Toro's Steampunk aesthetic and the Gothic spirals of Tim Burton in particular. I often felt with a movie playing and I love to look up from my work to see a stunningly composed scene.

What could you talk late into the night about with like minded people?
I'm a huge reader, so books are an easy one. Film and directors. Self-sufficiency, DIY and green living. Plus wool and sheep breeds, of course.

If you could go to three free workshops/creative events this year which ones would they be? What are they about?
I'd love to learn more about natural dyeing techniques in one of eco-dyeing guru India Flint's retreats. The felting workshops of Pam de Groot in over in New South Wales always make me drool because she has such amazing style. I'd also love to meet up with other felters at this year's Southern Hemisphere Felting Convergence in Bunbury, WA, Australia. Actually, none of those are free, but if they were free to me, I'd definitely be there with felted slippers on.

How do you balance your creative life with your family, life commitments?
I taught myself to felt after having a stroke about 18 months ago when I was 36. I'm still recuperating and struggling with daily pain. Not only is felting my work, it is my therapy. My partner is very supportive and takes a good deal of delight in my more bizarre creations.

What is your favourite creative screw-up?
Felt is so mutable, that weird screw-ups morph into something unexpected and often delightful-you don't even remember they didn't start out intentional. My red geode vessel started out as a hat in my head, but the felt had other ideas.

Kitchen table or studio?
Neither. I have dedicated areas to store my wool, but since a lot of my work is wet and soapy, I spend hours at the kitchen sink. When I'm needle felting, I tend to work in the recliner in our lounge.

Do you have a wish list? Can you tell us what's on it?
I'd love to have one of Ashford's Wild Drum Carders for mixing wool colours and other fibres with greater ease. I'm learning to hand card now and it is trickier than you'd think to do well. A big stack of commercial dyes and natural dyeing materials would be fabulous as I'd like to do more custom dyeing. More wool is always on my wish list, especially from long staple curly fleeced breeds like Lincoln Longwool and English Leicester sheep.

You can find Melanie at Felted Kiwi, Her Felt Shop or the Frugal Kiwi

23 August 2010

13 quick tips for selling on Etsy

Hi everyone, Kim from Stickytiki here. Well I have been selling on etsy for about 18mths now..I am not actually even sure who suggested it in the first place, but I am certainly glad to have found this great community.
When we first opened we had some pretty bad photos and really not much idea, so here is what we have learned.

1. Most important is have a great product that is handmade..this means made by YOU! Etsy do seem to be relaxed about what handmade means..so this could be something re-made, originals printed, crafted..etc, but made by your hand in some shape or form. You must not be a reseller.

2. Have really good simple photos that shows exactly what the customer is getting. For example in our case with our wall decals how frustrating would it be to order this set below to find that the actual photos showed two sets and you couldn't make these designs in our pics!
As a rule we have found that white wall, some props ie chairs and children to show scale works best. Also offer different views or angles and close ups...show that your product is adaptable.. and in our case can be used by different age groups.

Note: Natural light for taking your photos is BEST! Also make sure you leave enough space to crop them to the etsy standard of 1000/1000 pixels.

4. Think about our audience and keep your shop cohesive, this means show your style, what is is you do and are good at. You don't need to have 100 items just make sure the ones you do have reflect your business...YOU!

5. Re-list..bring in new items or renew old ones..yes this costs money (20 cents per time) but the way I see it, its a small price to pay to be seen..etsy is a MASSIVE place with a huge amount of talent, you can't just sit back and wait, get yourself and your product out there. Twitter (which I don't like just for the record) and face book are great ways of connecting with people and potential customers online. But really IMPORTANT don't SPAM anyone, this is a big no no and will make your business look bad!

6. Keep your shipping reasonable especially when you are at the bottom of the world like us, if we were trying to make money on shipping too we wouldn't sell. My advice if you can is to have a set price that sits somewhere in the middle of all your items. We have sent our decals to countless countries and I am sure this is because our shipping is very reasonable.

7. Tell your potential customers where you come from in your shop side bar, tell them you are from NZ..Napier, be proud and don't be allusive no one wants to buy from someone that can't/won't list where the product come from! This is my opinion. I sold a Pohutukawa tree to a woman in Canada last week who is from Hastings, we connected, and this is really important when someone is trusting you from the other side of the world.

NOTE: Also use your FAQs section so as customers know your shop policies.

8. Use the profile section tell us who you are, what inspires you, in a handmade community this is really important and for me the beauty..you are not some faceless person, you are someone that has put their heart and soul into what they are doing.

9. Make your shop announcements snappy with key words about your product....Google picks this up.

10. Connect with your customers, thank them for purchasing from you, tell them their product is on it way and how long it will take. We have made some great connections far and wide from good communication.

11. Read the forums...BUT don't obsess over them because you will never get any new work done! Check them out every so often to get some great tips. Remember everyone has been in the same boat when they first open a shop on etsy.

12. Read the dos and don'ts. Etsy has really great support for new sellers.

13. GO FOR IT. Etsy is a great place, I would have never imagined when we started that we would sell our decals all over the world, Etsy and our website have opened up the world for us!
Give it a go..what have you got to lose??! You have to really work at it, but most importantly keep creating, after all that is what we love doing most:)

Kim x

My New Ukelele

I spend a lot of time with my new instrument, trying to come to grips with how to produce sounds that don't cause the dogs to howl. The urge to create something tangible has not diminished though and during the last days I created a ukulele from "Art Clay" Silver.

Two actually, as I want to keep one.

There are still a few bits to tweak (especially the tuning needs attention, hihi...) and I am planning also one from a different material, but I am pretty happy with the results so far.

The introduciton of my ukuleles to the public is intended to happen on the next "uked" ukulele night in Napier on 2 September- I am hoping to get some orders for Christmas!

Photo 1 My paper design

Photo 2 Sticking main part and side part together with silver clay slip, still a bit on the rough side

Photo 3 The two parts refined

Photo 4 Taking shape- neck and body connected

Photo 5 Pencil lines on the piece while I think about how on earth I will be attaching the strings

Photo 6 Some more details added before the firing

Photo 7 Here they are, still glowing hot right from the kiln

Photo 8 A bit of a polish, brooch pin attached and fishing line as strings, and voila, my Ukukele is finished!

- Ingrid of  Silverworks

19 August 2010

A Conversation with Carol Neilson

Who is SheCreates?
Hmm, an emergence of creativity, a passionate woman looking for like minded spirits, a paradox of emotion and logic, (just like a woman huh?), filled to the brim with idea's, loves adventure, running away, listening to silence, philanthropy and eating. You do realise of course that SheCreates is just an alter ego to play under, right? And one day, in the future, I will feel affluent with my passions.

Whats your handmade groove?
I am a book binder, writer, printmaker and enthusiastic amateur (for the moment).. my visual arts and design tutor described me as being an alchemist, I'll take that one...

Whats on your bedside table right now (hey, no tidying up or censoring)
Curiously it is pretty functional right now. I am gypsying around from home to home..(a whole 'nother story) so here we go
  • contact lens case
  • glasses, in case I need to raid the fridge in the night.
  • a red rose (sorry, its not that romantic. The thing is dead and I have not buried it yet) in a plastic drink bottle
  • used tissue (for wiping mouth after fridge raid)
  • digi clock (unplugged)
  • very old book
Who are your creative role models? What music, books, images, poetry spark your creative fire?
The temptation to be a pretentious twit crept in just a little here....fortunately I caught her just in time..
Dave Dobbyn's "Welcome Home" - gets me every time and I cry - especially poignant right now. But I am inspired to create from this space as well as renew my relationship with this amazing country I live in - NZ. I have eclectic music tastes - can range from Rob Zombie to Hildegard of Bingen. But currently enjoying Imogen Heap...
I love the poetry of Rumi and listening to Coleman Barks as he reads him. mmm! It somehow frees my creative soul..

What could you talk late into the night about with like minded people?
Ok, so here is where I put my hand up and say, anything and everything, though the conditions have to be right - if the conversation is witty, sparkling and just downright passionate and fiery, that's where I will be.. I am NOT shy with my opinions, and sacred cows? Bring them right over here and let me at them..

If you could go to three free workshops/creative events this year what would they be? What are they about?
Oh you got me here...
Anything Natalie Goldberg runs. She's a writer and buddhist.. Right up my alley, so to speak.
Workshops/Retreats for women that I'm going to run - shameless plug right here, right now...on writing, creativity and finding your way.
Squam - ahhhh, just so I can hang with my beloved friend Leonie, the creative stuff would be a happy bonus to this reunion.

How do you balance your creative life with your family, life committments?
What family? What life?
Head phones on, shut the door, leave the house, write a note and place it lovingly on the table. "Carol has gone creative, call this number and hope for the best while she is gone. Oh, and could you cook the fish in the fridge for tea, and the chooks need feeding as well. Love your wife and part time mother"

What is your favourite screw up?
Are we talking things here? Just checking 'cos I could almost start a heck of rant on something else.. So, as an art student there have been plenty... BUT as an Al-ke-mist I transformed them all into something else.. its called bluffing!

Kitchen table or studio?
Hmm, its a bit of a personal question isn't it? I never kiss and tell.....

Do you have a wish list? Can you tell us whats on it?
world domination, one handmade nation at a time...
to be able to understand the man in the corner shop when he speaks orstralian.
to be able to forgive my mother for giving my sister the pink polka dot halter neck dress instead of me.
eat at the french laundry
travel on the orient express

So now you have met most of the New Zealand Handmade group. Its time to meet our NZHM friends .............beginning with Melanie of Felted Kiwi.. toodooloo........

17 August 2010

How to create a blog button...

How to add a “grab my blog button” link to your blog.

Have you ever wanted to create one of those blog buttons where a reader can copy and paste the HTML code, in the scroll box below the image, so they can add your button to the side of their blog? Well now you can in two easy steps… all you need is a blog and a flickr image…

Step 1: adding the blog button image

On your blog click the ‘design’ button on the top right hand side then click ‘add a gadget’ copy and paste the code below into the content box, you can add any title to the gadget ie “grab a blog button” etc….

<a href="http://YOURBLOGADDRESS/"><img src="http://THELOCATIONOFYOURBUTTON.jpg" /></a>

Where it says YOURBLOGADDRESS in green retype your actual blog address, I would type www.katherineq.blogspot.com

Now you have to add your button image.

I found the location of my blog button in my flickr account (you have to have an image on a site like flickr where you can get a HTML code for the image you want to use).

Click on the image you want from your flickr account, then above the image there should be two buttons to click… ‘actions’ and ‘share this’… click ‘share this’.

Click grab HTML… this is what my code looks like.

http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4062/4668927600_362e207125.jpg" width="313" height="313" alt="blog button" /

You just want the part of the code that I have highlighted in red. Of course the numbers will be different as this is the code to my flickr picture.
Cut and paste this part of the code into the purple highlighted part above titled THELOCATIONOFYOURBUTTON.

You have now completed the image part of your blog button…

Step 2: adding the text box with the code for your button

This next step is the code that people will cut and paste to their own blogs. You have to get another HTML gadget from the arrange layout page and copy and paste the code below into the content box, just like you did in the first step (you don’t need a title for this code).

<textarea cols="29" id="code-source" name="mybutton" rows="4" style="height: 83px; width: 266px;"><a href=//YOURBLOGADDRESS/"><img src="http://THELOCATIONOFYOURBUTTON.jpg"/></a></textarea>

As above replace the green highlighted YOURBLOGADDRESS with you own address and use the same HTML code from your flickr account for your image to THELOCATIONOFYOURBUTTON in purple. Just like you did in the first gadget box.

Arrange the gadgets by clicking and dragging them so the image gadget is above the code gadget and that should be it.

Click save... view blog

15 August 2010

New Zealand's Other Favourite Bird

Now I know that worldwide, New Zealand is known for its kiwi bird.  New Zealanders are so enamored of the humble kiwi that we use the name to refer to ourselves (Kiwis) and as an adjective to describe our stuff (Kiwi kids, Kiwiana).  But there's another bird here that Kiwis are just as fond of, that few foreigners have heard of: the pukeko (pronounced poo keh ko).
Not unique to New Zealand, according to Wikipedia the pukeko is also called the purple swamphen.  This name is only party accurate.  They are commonly seen in swampy areas, but most people will agree that they are predominantly blue, not purple.

In local stores pukeko compete fiercely with kiwi for retail dominance.  At souvenir shops you'll see almost as much pukeko merchandise as kiwi.  And crafters and artists find inspiration in these little blue guys as well.  Our own Kim of Stickytiki sells these gorgeous reusable fabric wall stickers, so everyone can have a friendly pukeko in their home.

And one of our new Friends of New Zealand, Christine of My 2 Monsters, has a cute little pukeko finger puppet available at her new Etsy shop.

So make yourself a little more Kiwi by getting yourself a pukeko!

12 August 2010

A Conversation with Kya from Clutch Creations

Meet Kya, our Blog Mistress as well as a creative knitter and crochette! Her creations are must haves for the winter wardrobe. As for the other "useful things" she makes, her beautiful little bags are perfect for the indie woman about town....

Meet Kya..... and her gorgeous daughter Boudicca wearing Clutch Creations.

Who is Clutch Creations?
I'm a knitter and crocheter in my spare time, which means at night after my two daughters go to sleep. I've been knitting avidly since before my first daughter was born 7 years ago. Last year I decided to try selling some of my creations to raise money for my sister-in-law, Lisa, who was battling breast cancer and the numerous financial costs associated with the disease. I moved to New Zealand from the US a year and a half ago, and I'm loving it!

What’s your “handmade” groove ?
I love making useful items. Scarves and sweaters and socks that keep you warm. Bags that hold your things. Rugs to cover your floor. Most of my creating is done for gifts these days. But I have so many plans to make stuff for myself, I just need the time!

What’s on your bedside table right now?
Clothes. I don't have enough dresser space.

Who are your creative role models? What music, books, images, poetry spark your creative fire?
I love reading and try to be as diverse as possible in my book selections. I'll read sci-fi, then non-fiction, then classical, then romance. Everything that takes me to another world influences my creative ideas. The music I listen to tends to be just what my girls are into at any moment. Right now it's Lady Gaga, and her style is certainly inspiring.

What could you talk late into the night about with like minded people?
Education, parenting, TV shows and movies, and the differences between the US and New Zealand. :)

If you could go to three workshops/creative events this year which ones would
they be? What are they about?
I totally wish I could be browsing at the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen's Fair in Sunapee, New Hampshire. It's an amazing crafts fair they hold every year for 9 whole days, with the most amazing art and handcrafted items for sale, and it's going on right now! Growing up I would go most years for at least a day to have a poke around and I think that fair is in large part responsible for my love of the handmade.

How do you balance your creative life with your family, life commitments?
By not getting enough sleep.

What is your favourite creative screw-up?
Well, I posted on my blog recently about how I messed up a pair of socks I was knitting for my sister-in-law. They turned out too small, so I've turned them into leg warmers for my 7 year old, and I think they're even better that way!

Kitchen table or studio?
Couch in the lounge. Though really, I'll knit anywhere. I bring my knitting with me everywhere I go, and if I've got more than 30 seconds of free time I'll whip it out and start knitting. People make fun of me. But if my hands aren't knitting, I feel unproductive.

Do you have a wish list? Can you tell us what’s on it?
I wish I could knit faster, because I have so many ideas, and not enough time to work on them. And I wish there was a way to get from New Zealand to the east coast of the US in 2 hours so I could pop over for a weekend visit with my family and friends.

In the upcoming weeks we will be featuring our New Zealand Handmade friends in the Thursday interview space. If you haven't joined us yet, come on in, you are most welcome to apply. Look on the left hand side of this interview and follow the prompts.

10 August 2010

Being a New Zealand Kiwi

A New Zealand kiwi in the moonlight
(needle felted in pure New Zealand wool)

Being a New Zealand Kiwi woman, means for me being free
Free to create what I want, without any restrictions.
I wear many hats, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Artist
In all these roles and especially the last
I am empowered by the land that is my home.
I have lived for the last 25 years in the rural heartland of New Zealand
800 feet above sea level, breathing in fresh, clean air daily
Surrounded by green rolling hills.
My country is young, so I am not bound by history's weight
I can create, "give it a go, "do it myself", anything that I wish
And making things by hand is what I" wish" to do
Being a part of the NEW ZEALAND HANDMADE Team is just so exciting.

cheers from Marie - Softearth's World

07 August 2010

What's On My Table?

I currently have an obsession – it can be called nothing less as it absorbs a good deal of my thought during my (non jewellery) working day, has taken over my ideas sketch book, and has caused sore fingers and totally ruined fingernails – WIRE.

Call it what you will - wire-work, wire-wrapping, wire-weaving, wire-knitting – I’m into it all! It is amazing what you can do with even a small length of this skinny, round, rather innocent looking medium.

I recently ordered some new colours and gauges of wire to feed my need, along with some divine Swarovski bicones and a little chain. Dying to get to work on it, I hit a rather large road-block, my workspace(s) in our lounge has been completely taken over by the entire contents of our kitchen (old cupboards, benches and fridge included) while work commences on our new kitchen/dining area!

So forced into a wee corner with limited access to my tools and supplied, I have been focusing on perfecting technique – Viking knit being a particular favorite at the moment. This ancient technique literally came from the Viking era. You only need a piece of dowel (or even a pencil), your wire, and some patience.

Various colours & gauges of wire in 'Viking' knit

I wonder – would anyone be interested in me doing a Viking Knit tutorial in a future post? Do let me know.

Don't forget we have now consolidated the New Zealand Handmade structure and have opened our arms to all the wonderful New Zealand handmade businesses out there regardless of size or product base to create an amazing network offering support and promotion for us all. If you want to learn what it means to be a 'Friend of New Zealand Handmade' please click here. Or to access an application form - click here. These documents are also available under the 'contact us section', top left of the blog. As membership co-ordinator, I'm the 1st team member you'll meet - looking forward to hearing from you :)  (Mel  - Wildflower Designs)

04 August 2010

A Conversation with Ingrid Schloemer from Silverworks

Meet Jewellery artist and tutor, Ingrid. She creates pure silver jewellery from precious metal clay “Art Clay”. Her beautiful pieces marry silver with semi-precious stones and often times reflect nature and New Zealand. If like me, you covet her gorgeous pieces she can be found here
or maybe making your own is your groove, Ingrid's workshops are the place to go. So lets meet Ingrid............

Who is Silverworks?
Originally a handcraft teacher I now create one-off pieces of jewellery. Until 2006 mainly from my carved stone pieces (NZ greenstone, carnelian, amethyst, citrine, etc) but now most of my pieces are made with pure silver.

What’s your “handmade” groove ?
I have learnt many crafty techniques but whatever I do, it is always jewellery that I seem to make with them.

What’s on your bedside table right now? (hey, no tidying up or censoring)
A puffy ceramic heart with metallic glaze which needs to go back on the wall to join my heart collection there, a pair of glasses to assist my failing eyes, a ridiculously unpractical light I have difficulties to switch off every night, and some other stuff too personal to list, sorry!

What music, books, images, poetry spark your creative fire?
I can’t pinpoint where the creative forces come from. I take mental notes of all sorts of images, textures, nature, light and shadow etc and when starting a jewellery pieces all these tiny bits play with me and the one or other sparks an idea. I don’t like music until the rough design is there in front of me. For finishing work which can be quite monotonous I sometimes like to have some background music or a talking book.

What could you talk late into the night about with like minded people?
I don’t talk a lot, but if you want to get something out of me just mention jewellery, DIY projects, sewing, nutrition, cooking.

How do you balance your creative life with your family, life committments?
I need to be creative in order to feel good. If I feel good my family feels good. What better excuse can one find? Well, in reality it is always a balancing act where family needs come first. But as the art work becomes more than a hobby the priorities definitely change, spare minutes become very valuable getting used for necessary book keeping, documentation etc. and I tend to not allow myself to have a few quiet minutes.

What is your favourite creative screw-up?
This has to be the “Glass Harmony” piece I made during the instructor training. I never liked it and decided to do some alterations to it, my mum is the proud wearer now.

Kitchen table or studio?
I had my work table in our living room for four years and am now in the lucky position to occupy a full room! For my own sanity it is still necessary though to keep the room in order and the workspace accessable, but it is great to close the door after long hours in it and do something else.

Do you have a wish list? Can you tell us what’s on it?
I just returned from the opening of an exhibition I am part of at the Taupo museum. The weekend was filled with teaching two silver jewellery workshops but also with taking part in a felting day and learning how to play the Ukulele. Guess what I have been searching this morning on the internet! Hawke’s Bay seems to be crowded by Ukulele players.... the remainder of my year is sorted!

03 August 2010

Giveaway Results

Thanks to everyone for entering the giveaway.

The winner was drawn today just after 3pm and is Pam, from Fantail Digital Art. Thank you for the shout outs and follows Pam.


Here is a little fellow I have been working on and just finished recently! An almost vintage pattern from the UK


01 August 2010

A Big Announcement

We've finally nailed down the details for all the people interested in being a part of our New Zealand Handmade community!  You may have noticed the "Friends of NZ Handmade" link up above.  Well, I'm here to announce that we're officially accepting applications to join us as a Friend of New Zealand Handmade.  If you're crafty and in New Zealand, please download the info and application (links are also on the left-hand side of our home page).  You'll get all sorts of benefits, such as having your online shop featured on our Friends page and getting the opportunity to contribute posts to our blog!

In honour of this announcement, we're extending the entry period for the giveaway from our previous post!  Entries will now close August 3rd  at 3:00 PM New Zealand time.  Get clicking for your chance to win these adorable Harry Potter finger puppets.  :)