10 August 2010

Being a New Zealand Kiwi

A New Zealand kiwi in the moonlight
(needle felted in pure New Zealand wool)

Being a New Zealand Kiwi woman, means for me being free
Free to create what I want, without any restrictions.
I wear many hats, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Artist
In all these roles and especially the last
I am empowered by the land that is my home.
I have lived for the last 25 years in the rural heartland of New Zealand
800 feet above sea level, breathing in fresh, clean air daily
Surrounded by green rolling hills.
My country is young, so I am not bound by history's weight
I can create, "give it a go, "do it myself", anything that I wish
And making things by hand is what I" wish" to do
Being a part of the NEW ZEALAND HANDMADE Team is just so exciting.

cheers from Marie - Softearth's World


  1. That is a beautiful piece of needle felted work. And I must say that is the most beautiful piece of writing I have read for a while. You express your connection to nature and New Zealand with heartfelt warmth. Beautiful!

  2. marie i love that you say the country of nz is young, not heavy weighted down or hindered or held back by hardness of the past. xx

  3. What beautiful thoughts Marie and your kiwi is so lovely.

  4. your kiwi is adorable and I love how you describe the place we call home.


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