23 August 2010

My New Ukelele

I spend a lot of time with my new instrument, trying to come to grips with how to produce sounds that don't cause the dogs to howl. The urge to create something tangible has not diminished though and during the last days I created a ukulele from "Art Clay" Silver.

Two actually, as I want to keep one.

There are still a few bits to tweak (especially the tuning needs attention, hihi...) and I am planning also one from a different material, but I am pretty happy with the results so far.

The introduciton of my ukuleles to the public is intended to happen on the next "uked" ukulele night in Napier on 2 September- I am hoping to get some orders for Christmas!

Photo 1 My paper design

Photo 2 Sticking main part and side part together with silver clay slip, still a bit on the rough side

Photo 3 The two parts refined

Photo 4 Taking shape- neck and body connected

Photo 5 Pencil lines on the piece while I think about how on earth I will be attaching the strings

Photo 6 Some more details added before the firing

Photo 7 Here they are, still glowing hot right from the kiln

Photo 8 A bit of a polish, brooch pin attached and fishing line as strings, and voila, my Ukukele is finished!

- Ingrid of  Silverworks


  1. Just great, I am sure your ukulele debut will be fantastic, cheers Marie

  2. Love the brooch Ingrid - I can just imagine the hours of planning it took!

  3. this is gorgeous Ingrid!! i LOVE it as I'm learning the ukulele too at the moment and totally love my gorgeous wee instrument (not a musical talent here to speak of so quite the fun challenge too!). the finished piece looks so lovely, well done :)


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