07 September 2010

Best craft book ever ( In my opinion )

Twenty years ago, while browsing in a second hand shop, I came upon this book for $1.
"Girls Book of Crafts" by Ruth Zechlin, first English version edition 1959, it had been first printed in The Netherlands. 
Whether we carve or weave, embroider or make a toy, we always feel the same: first the joy of creating, then the satisfaction with the finished work; finally, we are also happy if it can give pleasure to someone.

The contents are amazing, subjects like, Knitting, Crochet, Plaiting in Raffia, Basketry, Leatherwork, Batik, Painting porcelain, Bookbinding, Enamel work, and the list goes on.

The wonder of "Handmade" is what this site is all about, and I am sure that your bookshelves are full of interesting books.

Do you have a well thumbed art and craft book that you would like to share

Cheers  Marie,   Softearth's World


  1. When I was young I had a big red hardcover book called "Things to Make and Do" I think my parents still have it. It was bursting with exciting projects. I remember loving looking at it, but I don't remember actually making many of them! I recently bought my daughter the Cath Kidson book Sew! It's beautiful,and the little bag that you get to make (everything is included in the book!) turned out really cute!

  2. When I was in Ireland about 21 years ago I bought "Classic Crafts", a most beautiful practical compendium of traditional skills which is part of my book collection- it has seen a number of houses we lived in and I can't see me parting with it. Also a treasured book on my shelf is "Traditional Country Crafts" by Miranda Innes. Both books have influenced what I do today very much! Thanks for sharing this, Marie, it made me take out the two books today again!


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