03 October 2010

Spring is in the Air

As Katherine mentioned a few weeks ago, we've entered Spring Fair season here in New Zealand.  Though I didn't have enough stock to have my own stall, I happily dragged my family along with me to the Porangahau Spring Fair last week to support my fellow New Zealand Handmakers.

Three of our member were there to start with:
Joy of Kazzalblue

and Katherine of Sleep and Her Sisters.

The weather was meant to be fine, but it ended up being a little bit overcast and a lot bit windy.  Really really windy.  Joy had to pack up and leave before I even got there because her items kept blowing away!  Mel and Katherine stuck it out, but needed to hold down their tables, literally.

But it was still a good day, my kids had lots of fun.  And it's great to be able to browse through all the wonderful handmade goodness in person for once, rather than clicking through online.  In the end I couldn't resist, and bought my two lovely girls their own lovely necklaces.  Nyssa picked this gorgeous Wildflower Designs piece,
and Boudicca loved this Sleep and Her Sisters pendant:


  1. The stalls all look lovely and full of goodies! I need to make it down that way sometime. Love the girls choices of necklaces too, very pretty!

  2. Such a shame about the wind.. Glad to hear that you all made the best of the situation - stoic and happy smiles!

  3. By far the most 'weather beaten' market I have attended hence why by stall became a 70cm square in the middle of my table - and I think I may have swallowed enough of my own hair in the wind to make a 'fur ball' but my goodness the setting was beautiful... next year will be fantastic :)


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