26 October 2010

The Warmth of Early Summer

The Spring blossom has all but blown from the trees
The soils warming up, ready for early summer planting
I have noticed that a lot of Handmade creative artists have gardens
This must be something that comes with being full of creative energy
It overflows into our surroundings, and we delight in beauty around us
I know for me personally that it is an important factor in my artistic life,
This beauty that surrounds me
The colors of early summer are tinged with a stronger palette 

Cheers Marie, from Softearth's World


  1. These are amazing! How large are they! I love them so much Marie! You could make brooches out of these!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!! You are so talented Marie!

  3. these are so lovely Marie... I am afraid to say I am not very creative in the garden, I am actually quite well known for killing things.

  4. I am smiling Katherine, ha, ha. cheers Marie

  5. Ahh, yes summer, warmth and abundance of growth. I have had a joyous weekend in the garden. Letting the henny pennys in to scratch and turn the earth over ready for the planting. I have a feel that one of these little guardians of the earth is nearby, watching over our land..

  6. I love those pictures. In England Summer has gone and winter is fast approaching. It has been very cold here today.

  7. Beautiful works Marie. Sadly, I can only grow vegies!

  8. Well Mel, funny enough, I am not a great flower grower either, but my husband is a fantastic vegetable grower, and we have been organic for 25 years, so it is a bit labor intensive. Good exercise thou. cheers Marie

  9. Beautiful work Marie! I think that's a geat idea Louise - they would make lovely brooches.


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