08 November 2010

Christmas Tree Ornament Swap Ideas

Our first Christmas Ornament Swap is underway!  For those entered, the deadline for mailing your ornament is 1 Dec.

A friend told me today that she had been making Christmas cards and has begun to write the first ones. Recent cold and rainy days here in New Zealand “inspired” her.... Bit early for my taste, in my family cards were sent out a few days before Christmas. But I must admit, thoughts about what gifts to make came around this time of the year and it was very exciting to secretly enquire what would suit for the individual person and then to make it. Locked doors kept up the surprises till the last minute and it was making everyone very curious what was going on behind them! A very special time of the year indeed!

We also had a tradition going for us three kids to make a new item each for the Christmas Tree every year.

Two classics:
Paper Hearts, stunning in black and gold, but also very effective just in brown paper with a fancy ribbon, and they can be filled with traditional sweets. Fold the chosen paper and cut two shapes as from pattern below, then weave into each other. For a flat decoration you can put a piece of cardboard a little smaller in size inside and glue the hearts to it, or add ribbon as desired and filling.

Guilded walnuts were a bit tricky, we had to eat lots of nuts to end up with a few nuts with clean split shells! The two halves are glued together after removing the kernel, with some string or ribbon held at the round end. Can be guilded with gold paint or gold leaf, and various decoration added on top like dried flowers, tiny cones, bells, or glittery stuff if you keep the nut shells natural. You can also glue a ribbon around the walnut as if you packed a parcel, on the top you knot the ribbon while shaping a loop. Very special if you capture some colourful feathers with the knot!

These are just a couple of idea for handmade Christmas Decorations.  Be creative and have fun with it!

Our Christmas Ornament Swap has closed to new entries.  If you signed up, you should have received an email with your partner's details.  If you haven't yet, please let us know.

- Ingrid of Silverworks

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  1. Oh I love making paper hearts, I have not done that your years, I might have a look in my paper drawer and have a go. Thanks Ingrid, cheers Marie


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