09 November 2010

dream time for your creative business

Setting intentions is like creating a map by which you navigate. Most of the time we hold the way ahead within our minds and can move intuitively or with deliberation. By holding the way ahead within our minds we are able to adjust them according to whatever situation we find ourselves in.

Sometimes life gets in the way and emotions, other peoples expectations, or the demands of daily life can, like the wind can blow us off course. Creating a written map of where we want to be, within certain timeframes allows us to deliberately choose the path ahead. Creating a map that is uniquely ours gives a purpose to the daily achievements we create in our lives in order to reach wherever it is we are going. The map is visible and tangible and allows you to identify who you can ask for support, what it is you need to know in order to get through, and to a particular part. It lets you know when you have got there, where you will need to go next, what else you may need to find out, or to create a place for it all to happen.

I am a great believer in dreaming big, to push beyond the borders of my thinking, my beliefs to the world beyond. It's out here where I live, breathe all the possibilities into being. Often times its a place where I also meet my potential self, the one who wants to, she who knows. She who speaks quietly and firmly and lets me know I can do it ... She who helps me map and dream my possibilities?

Dream Time Practice

Find a place where you will be uninterrupted. Lock the door if you have to, then Lie down, on the floor, on the bed, on the couch and be still. Do you remember what this feels like, being still?

Breathe gently, deeply and let each breathe carry any tension out into the world. Breathe in stillness, of mind, of body of the inner world.

Allow yourself now to dream, to dream all your possibilities. Let yourself have it. Colour it up with all the sights, sounds and feelings of a dream come true, make it big, go for world domination in your dream ... imagine all the invisible hands making everything and anything possible. Ask your muse to guide and show you, you may have questions for her.

Are those butterflies fluttering with excitement in your belly yet?

Next step is to map it all down on paper ... draw pictures, rip them out of magazines, get the key words on the page, colour, dance, hum, play music. if the critic turns up, IGNORE it. Can you be on fire with the magnitude of your dream, burn that map into existence. Oh, and did I mention, get the biggest pieces of paper you can find, make it visible and real. You are birthing your dream into reality, a dream that can birth change.

So while you are doing that I'm going to be getting some questions ready for you. Questions to help you to land your dream even more firmly.

I'm Carol Neilson, coach, writer and artist with a passion for motivating and inspiring women to live their dreams. I invite you to become the cartographer, the explorer, the traveller of your life. I help you map the edges and beyond of your knowing by guiding, coaching and healing as we journey. I show you how to interpret the language, the stories and the new territories you may encounter. I give you tasks, new ways of viewing the world, daily practices to embody your understanding and Touchstone Values to navigate your journey by.


  1. Life sure is a journey, and sometimes the wind does blow us off course, this recently happened to me. I was surprised that by thinking "outside the square" about the situation, and giving the person concerned the freedom to finally shine, freed me also. cheers Marie

  2. Inspiring post Carol... a reminder to make quiet time to dream, to recenter myself. Thanks x


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