01 December 2010

Fruit Bowl Craft Jam

Oh my goodness I am so excited about this weekend's Fruit Bowl Craft Jam which is to be held at the Hawkes Bay Opera House (in the plaza) 12-5pm each day. Just check out what Jess and Jo (the wonderful organisers) have as the vision for FBCJ....

"Original handcrafted designs that express character, a different opinion, a new skew; crafts that bring style and exceptional quality; micro-enterprise, in the felt.co.nz and etsy-loop, inspired and inspirational.

We want to bring together talented artists, designers, stylists, craftspeople all at one central destination. This event will connect the makers of beautiful things to the people who appreciate them, hunger for them, get a thrill from left-of-centre, are nourished by nana-craft juxtaposed against the cutting-edge.Local and visiting makers selling their own stuff. Sharing the stories behind the items. Selling their work - because crafters who can make a shilling from their work will be inspired to keep trudging along the road of creativity, and that makes for a better world, doesn’t it?"

Here's just a sample of what you're in for people...

Come along, do your Christmas Shopping, buy a treat for yourself and say hi to NZHM members .. Sleep & Her Sisters (Katherine) , Erin Carver, Wildflower Designs (Mel), Kazzalblue (Joy), Jo Pearson, Soft Earth Art (Marie), Sticky Tiki (Kim) and Silverworks (Ingrid). Lucy from Felt will also be in attendance.
See you there!


  1. I am so looking forward to being apart of this creative movement, cheers Maeie

  2. I am very excited and extremely over worked preparing for Craft Jam.... can't wait! Joy

  3. Wow everyone, so envious I can't come to see you all band together for this. Have a fantastic time and post heaps of pics :) Good luck!!

  4. Aimee you will have to come to it next year:))


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