14 November 2010

An urban New Zealand landmark

New Zealand has a reputation worldwide for it's gorgeous natural landscape, but our cities have heaps to offer as well!  Capital city Wellington has character and culture, as my daughters discovered on our recent visit there for the 3-day Labour Day holiday weekend.
Here they are in front of the Cuba Mall bucket fountain, which apparently has its own website!  The girls were fascinated, and couldn't stop watching it.  The water pours from a few hoses at the top, slowly filling each bucket, which tips when it's full enough, dumping the water into lower buckets.  The fun is waiting to see when the largest bottom bucket fills and tips.  I was able to get them to turn away long enough to get this shot of them.

Oh, and to work in the handmade...  Even in late October, Wellington was chilly enough for my 7-year-old to want to wear her new hat.  It's a new design I'm working on, a warm, wooly crocheted granny square beanie.  :)

Kya of Clutch Creations

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