12 December 2010

Christmas Ornament Swap

I had the best fun making my Christmas Ornament. I found a fab tutorial and followed it - creating what I think - and so does my 18 year old daughter - is a very cool ornament. I have now been told to " Make a heap more for our tree Mum!" I can't say more though until I know it has arrived safely. However pictured above is the gorgeous wreath I received from my swap buddy Chavah. I feel very lucky!

Anyway I hope you all had as much fun as I did.

I have set up a flickr group so that you can load the pics into it. Thanks to everyone whop has let me have pics for this post as well. I know there are a few ornaments that are still winging their way to new homes. Please be patient. Apparently the overseas mail has come to almost a halt in the UK and the US is not a lot better.

I decided to only post pics here of received gifts so as not to spoil the surprise for anyone.

Don't forget to load up the flickr album so we can see more of the lovely creations!

Hope you all enjoyed the swap
Merry Christmas



  1. I love them! Such wonderful, creative work from everyone. I had such fun participating. Thanks for organizing, Joy. :)

  2. Just added these fab robot ornaments I received from Jenny of Miss Smith at home to the flickr group : )


  3. Love all of these! Cannot wait to see what you've made Joy :D I'll post up a pic for you. You've done such an awesome job. xx


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