30 January 2011

Toy Story

Handmade is about that, Handmade.
Crafting exquisite playthings/crafts/art that will be treasured forever
The world is flooded with cheap, mass-produced imports, but people are looking for something special. People appreciate the quality of something built / made  to last.
We have within our New Zealand Handmade friends and members, an array of quality  Handmade arts and crafts. They are a delight to view.

 Marie from Softearths's World


  1. They are indeed da delight!
    NZ handmade rocks!!

  2. Absolutely!
    I also love the fact that when I buy something handmade it's unique :-)

  3. I fell toys like these feed the soul. Not only for the receiver of such a quality gift but the maker.
    Just lovely.

  4. I love your felting Marie.
    Just beautiful.


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