22 February 2011

A Few of My Favourite Things

My Favourite Things at Home - by Ingrid of Silverworks

What is a “favourite thing”?

When contemplating this question I found quite a number of things which have been with me for a long time, which remind me of people, places and events, and which I would miss if they wouldn’t be there.

Does it surprise you, most of them are handmade?

Beautiful, practical, constantly in use or in view every day.... or just a treasured item tucked away?

It was hard to narrow down the choice to five items but I enjoyed the process of putting them together for you. I realised that it needs only very little to make me happy and content and grateful: they make me smile and remember their origin, and they also seem to carry me through less favourable times.

Favourite wall decoration:

The photo board in our dining room.

Favourite painting:

“Tolaga Bay”. My Dad painted it when we traveled round the East Cape.

Favourite sewing item:

A handy needle “book”, made by my son.

Favourite book:

Leatherbound, with illustrations and many handwritten verses by well-known authors about travel and wandering- a farewell gift I received in 1994 when we left for New Zealand, with space to add more myself.

Favourite jewellery:

Yes, what does a jewellery artist wear?
One of my mum’s old earrings which she and I clip on as brooches and the very first pair of leaf earrings I made- I wear them all the time.

The background is a woven jumper in the most divine colours and materials- I cherish it for the weaver's colour choice and craftmanship.

Favourite companion:

This little guy sits quietly in a corner on some books, I made him about 28 years ago.

What is your favourite - wall decoration, painting, sewing item, book and jewellery? We'd love you to complete our list too.

If you take up the challenge and write a list of your favourite things on your blog, please feel welcome to comment on this post with your link so we can all come and see :)

Then next time we'll have a whole new list of items to get you pondering on a few more of your favourite things!

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  1. What treasures Ingrid, thanks for sharing, loving the needle book made by your son, cheers Marie


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