21 February 2011

Made It Here - On New Zealand Handmade

New Zealand Handmade is introducing a theme for the month and inviting guest posts to be sent in about it by our readers. This month the topic is "Made It Here". (coined after our 'Made It Here' coffee mornings).

It doesn't matter where you live, work or play we would love you to write about it and show us what unique handmade qualities it has ie: 'Made It Here - Hawkes Bay' or 'Made It Here - Australia' etc. We're giving you a chance to explore your neighbourhood, take a few pics and write about it. You could interview someone creative, tell us about a favourite handmade shopping spot, or show us a handmade find unique to your place. Just send us a post about it. (Don't forget to attach your links and pics)

In return we will publish as many posts as we can, to share about the fantastic Arts and Crafts around New Zealand and the world. Please send your posts to info@newzealandhandmade.co.nz

We're all looking forward to finding out more about your 'place' on Made It Here!

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