01 March 2011

To Christchurch - Kia Kaha.

There has been such a wide window onto the city of Christchurch that I have found myself now having to close the curtains a little while I sit and contemplate the enormity of this disaster. I have family there AND they are safe, thankfully. But what to do? and how to do it? There is already much in place to support, so my piece is to listen and witness. Offer what I can, support where I can and not be in the way.

This tragedy has reminded me to tell people I love them, its that simple.

It has offered me a look at what is essential in life. What is necessary for life, living.

It has widened my appreciation for the capacity of the human spirit to give, with no expectation of returns.

It has shown up those that are mercenary, small minded beings who are capitalising on human suffering.

It has also shown the amazing power of social media to connect, link and share resources.

The outpourings of love and support for the people of Christchurch renews my spirit, raises my passion for this country even more. From the generosity of our handmade communities around NZ, to those overseas.

Today at 12.51 there were Public Gatherings around NZ for a two minute silence, holding space for Christchurch.

To Christchurch - Kia Kaha. 

... Carol


  1. What a cool video, I am smiling, thanks for sharing, Cheers Marie

  2. Hi, great video, love it! There are some others on youtube coming up on the side bar.... worth watching! Thanks a lot for posting that! Ingrid

  3. Classic ... I want to adopt that kid (he's from 'Boy' the movie heh?), where do I get him!!


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