30 April 2011

Business Tip # 6

Tip # 6
Making Stock-take Easy

Since the end of the financial year also means stocktake time,
I would like to share what I do:

Even if I think I will never forget where or when or for how much I acquired a particular item, my memory has other plans and I always have a hard time remembering items I bought throughout the year.

I have a list with the items I use the most, and I make a point of it that no receipt goes into the bookkeeping folder unless I have listed the purchased items with all the details. Date, supplier, total amount paid, description(s) of item, single price, even postage. At the time it seems to take too long and I often think I am overdoing it, but I must say that list has saved me hours of searching between all the papers when I needed to know anything about a particular item, e.g. for pricing the finished jewellery piece or finding the supplier of a little thing I want to re-order.

It also pays to make a copy of the receipts and collect those behind my list.

And a real bonus is that stock-take is now quite quick, everything I buy gets
added up and goes in one column at the end of the list, and I put beside it what I have in stock by the end of March.

Sent in By Ingrid of Silverworks


  1. This is a good idea,I will try to give it some thought, cheers Marie

  2. Excellent advice - many thanks. :)


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