03 April 2011

Made It Here - Napier Arts Club Inc

I confess .. I can't paint, and I am in awe of those that can! So you might wonder why I would write about painting and art in general ... aha, I have a mother who can paint (and pot, and spin, and weave) and it is through her that I know about the Napier Arts Club Inc. :)

Dotted everywhere around this fine country are other such wonderful Art Clubs - usually not for profit organisations made up of passionate volunteers whose committees maintain their rooms, organise classes, exhibitions, events and more.
Tucked away in a quiet suburban street - the Napier Arts Club Inc

I've just been reading through the latest Napier Arts Club newsletter and I just love this comment when advising of their regular group get-togethers.."Club members are encouraged to gather in informal groups to encourage one another, and share their skills and experience in their chosen media. Although these times are set aside for each group, there is no formal tuition, and no requirements other than a willingness to participate in the pleasure of art making"

Now you don't get more inclusive than that!
A work in progress

Lunch interrupted by daughter wielding camera - a regular social paint session with friends
So if you are interested in an introduction to art course, pastel group, semi-structured open media, watercolour group, oil & acrylic group, etc, etc, I really recommend you contact Doreen on 844 3606 or pop in to the Napier Arts Club, 122 Vigor Brown Street, Napier South (Monday 7-9pm for beginners) for more details.

Do you have an Arts Club in your neck of the woods? Tell us all about it (info@newzealandhandmade.co.nz) and we can share it here too.

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  1. Always good to see "The Arts" live and well in NZ, everyone busy creating by hand, cheers Marie


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