05 April 2011

Threadwork - A book Review

Textile tours of China and India  strengthened  Effie's love of silk, and rich color combinations
She has always been fascinated with three-dimensional texture art from ancient stump work, and early twentieth century style of embroidery from Italy.

This is a book about creating sumptuous embellished surfaces made by
Collaging - Rich colourful silks, transparent organza and ribbons.
Stitching - With embroidery threads and ribbons, knitting and other yarns
Adding further texture with raised embroidery,cords, metallic threads and beads

The richness of these piece called "Gabriel" is made using a panel of couched gold,over-dyed silk, random herringbone stitches, ribbons and organza.

I enjoyed looking through this book, it's richness captured my attention

Threadwork by Effie Mitronfanis   -  Published by Sally Milner Publishing 2009

Marie - Softearth's World

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  1. Even if you were not 'into' fabric and accessories, the richness of colours is very inspiring :)


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