17 July 2011

Kazzalblue Baby and Childrens Boutique

Efforts to keep up at Kazzalblue have been fairly fast and furious over the past few weeks. We have of course hit the winter season and the demand has increased for our woolley winter baby boots.

With lots of return customers it always makes you feel good about your product and what the customer thinks. I love been able to provide a product that people will seek out year after year :)

Kazzalblue has, over the past few years, refined its range of gift lines, baby accessories and baby wear. The main gift lines now include the infamous Drawing Wallet - complete with crayons and notepad

Finger Puppets - growing to include many favourite childrens storybook characters

and Taggy Baby Blankie Blocks for babies

The main clothing items include woolley baby boots, beanies and ruffle nappy covers. And the main accessories are baby bibs, lunch bags and drawstring bags.

You can find all these items and more on our website here or you can follow our crafty business on our blog.

"Kazzalblue - Quality Handmade"

Sent in by Joy of Kazzalblue


  1. I'm sure your HP finger puppets are a sell out right now, they're tres cool :-)

  2. I real cool collection of creations Joy, just delightful, cheers Marie

  3. Beautiful work - I especially LOVE the finger puppets :-)


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