25 September 2011

Art Circles

I am in an Art Circle, we meet and chat about arty stuff
I used to be in a book circle, where we would read and discuss books

One can put lots of things in circles
I remember about 37 years ago, attending Art classes in Wanganui
And one man just drew circles,  not just any plain old circles,  but circles full of really interesting things
He sure loved circles
I rather like circles, what kind of a circle are you in
A knitting one, a literary one, a quilting one?
cheers  Marie


  1. Cool post Marie
    The circle of life I guess :-)

  2. Well said JacBec, well said. cheers Marie

  3. Gill's comment was exactly what came to my mind too :) I wonder if the man you went to art classes with is still drawing his interesting circles?


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