27 September 2011

Facebook Tips and Suggestions

Facebook, for many of us, is an integral part of building our handmade businesses. There are many understandings around facebook etiquette. So here are a few I think are important

1. It is always nice to have a consistent, professional look for your business page. Your branding should be obvious to those visiting your page. Think about your banner, avatar and logo and carry this over to your website, labels, business cards etc. Then there is no mistaking who you are and what your business is

2. Be thoughtful with your posting updates! These are great and really keep your audience around - BUT - don't write post after post after post. It clogs the feed and will ultimately lose you friends (and fans). Try to spread them out across the day. On the NZHM facebook page I try to work on the hours so noone is overwhelmed :)

3. When looking to connect with a new page don't blatantly advertise your page on theirs. Lots of pages don't mind but like to be asked first! I think it is well known that we all like to have our 'like' reciprocated, so it kinda goes without needing to ask.

4. Its really important to remember that your facebook page is your business page. So be careful what you decide to talk about! Keep it professional, friendly and light so as to not turn potential customers away.

5. Comments are great! Respond to others when they write on your page to let them know you value their interactions. You can also add your own comments logged in as your page on other pages if it is appropriate. This helps people get to know you a bit better - BUT - be careful not to overdo it!

6. Photo albums are a great place for storing photos of your goods that you make. Keep your albums up to date and organised so customers can easily follow them. Add links as to where they can purchase an item and details on price etc.

7. Its important your fans hear from you! So don't be shy - hang out on your page and talk to people. This is hugely important in building up your fan base and fun!

I think all the principles that apply in a brick and mortar store apply on facebook. If a customer walks in to browse what would you do? Try to make a good impression?

I'm sure there are many more tips so if you have one please feel free to add it in the comments section :)

Joy @ Kazzalblue Baby and Childrens Boutique

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