13 September 2011

Pull the Wool...

I thought I would go along to "Pull the wool" this evening even though I am not a knitter I kind of figured I have never meet a nasty knitter and who knows it might be fun... I might even learn something.

and I did... this is my first attempt at crocheting thanks to Kya who patiently showed me the ins and outs, she called my attempt 'freestyle crochet'.  My second try started out as a circle but ended up as a small basket type thing (I think I was pulling too tight) good fun... I will definitely encourage anyone who is mildly interested in anything crafty to come along to the next one.


  1. What a fantastic event - and how cool that you did some crochet :) I love your freestyle - can't wait to see what you do next!

  2. I loved your little basket and your freestyle creation! A fun night with lovely peeps :)

  3. Sounds like a fun event, Way to go Katherine, I might bring my needle felting next time. cheers Marie

  4. Was a good night. The movie had a lot of enthusiastic and inspirational people in it :) Love your crochet Katherine

  5. Excellent stuff! Freestyle crochet is all the rage don't you know :-)


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