11 October 2011

Am I crazy - How do others manage?

I have realized that there are not enough hours in the day!!! With working full time in a demanding job as well 4 BIG markets and shows coming up in the next 8 weeks I am starting to feel a bit frazzled!!!! Tod it dawned on me when I was looking in my diary to try and prioritise things that I think I am bordering on crazy!!!!

Tonight I was sitting in front of the tv making pendants, while my husband was trying to have a conversation with me...My mind was else where working out what I need to do next, hoping that the packaging turns up in time, thinking that I must order some more glass and the list goes on. My teenage daughter was wanting my attention as well, wanting to talk about her game of Indoor Netball she played tonight, the dog needed a walk and the cat needed feeding!!!! I always thought I was good at multi tasking but maybe I am not as good as I thought?

So tell me how do others manage? How do you manage to work fulltime, spend time with the family, do the every day jobs like cooking and cleaning as well as creating for up and coming events, do I as a mum put far too much pressure on myself? Who cares if the washing sits in the laundry basket for 3 days before it is folded, or that the floor desperately needs a vacuum or that the recycling hasnt been put out for weeks. I think I may need to book that overseas holiday that I have been talking about for the last month...On that note I am off to get hubbys credit card and have a nice glass of wine!!!!!

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  1. Hi Jo,
    Finding balance in life can be tricky, spacing things, crafting, etc over the year makes sense to me, then one can build up some stock so the end of the year is not so hectic.

    cheers Marie


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