17 October 2011


(Unfurling by Misty Mawn)

I accidentally bought this book from Amazon a few months ago... I thought I was putting it in my basket for thinking about later and didn't realise the button I was clicking was confirming the order... Oh well, I was pretty sure it looked like a goodie. I am really glad I clicked that button as I wasn't disappointed. It is truly an inspiration for me, just looking through it gets my mind spinning along a creative path, if I ever find myself a little lost.

The following is a blurb about the book that is way better than I could ever put into words...

"This inspiring, creative manual offers a unique, participatory experience that teaches core art skills and shares a range of exploratory techniques for the aspiring artist, photographer, craftsperson, novice, and anyone in between. The exercises include drawing, painting, portraiture, collage, photo arts, stamp carving, origami, still life, and more-each presented with an eye toward expanding your personal artistic voice. The exercises are supplemented with inspirational advice, quotes, poetry, and photography. Several projects integrate special extra materials that are enclosed in a pocket in the back of the book. The author, Misty Mawn is a popular artist and sought-after instructor, and writes a thoughtful, beautiful blog" http://www.mistymawn.typepad.com/

I have a few books just like 'unfurling' that sit right beside me when I am working in my studio {aka: kitchen table} and reading them is like having a good chat with a like minded friend.


  1. It looks really good. If I had it on my bedside table my brain would be too busy to sleep!

  2. Totally judging it by it's cover - which is lovely - and of course your recommendation, Katherine, I would so like to see the content :).

  3. This looks like a good read Katherine, I will get it from my local library, which is very up to date with modern art books. cheers Marie


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