06 November 2011

Buzz buzz...

On Thursday I was outside my daughters' school here in Napier when I saw this massive swarm of bees approaching.
They don't look like much in the photo, but trust me, there were a lot of them. The swarm even made the local newspaper: Children flee mass bee swarm.

I wasn't too worried. Bees used to scare me, but now that I know more about them and realize their importance in our ecosystem, I kinda like them. Another thing I like about them is their honey!

Not far from here in Havelock North we have a honey bee information center at Arataki Honey. The kids love going for the free honey tastings and the bee dress up costumes and bee displays. I love to browse the honey and bee related shopping. Last time we went I was pleasantly surprised to see some hand-felted bee art by my friend and fellow New Zealand Handmader Marie.
Click on over to her blog, she's running a giveaway right now.

My neighbors have a honey bee hive in their backyard, and this time of year (Spring down under) my garden is constantly buzzing.  Our grapefruit tree is flowering right now, and the bees especially love those blossoms.

What do you think of bees?  Do you have any bee crafts?


  1. Bee-utiful artwork Marie. Its rather impressive, while frightening at the same time seeing a bee swarm so close isn't it. I wouldn't like to be too close. we get a lot around us near the orchards - but generally if you leave them alone they reciprocate :D

  2. We had a swarm pop by for a visit and settled on the side of our house over one winter, they arrived within an hour and once they'd decided to go they left just as quick :-)

  3. I could not believe it when I saw the notice on the school noticeboard at pickup - yikes! Loving Marie's bee needle-felt and that you came across it at Arataki Kya :)


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