19 February 2012

Be You

                                BELIEVE IN

Something I am learning... which is very important on so many levels.  



  1. It is not always easy to "Believe in Yourself", sometimes one is frowned upon for being so different, but I have found through the years, that sticking to my own truth and path, is better for me, than doing what others FEEL I should do.
    cheers Marie

  2. I hear you Marie. I second that. It's not always easy to believe in yourself. I find reading my feedback on Etsy quite useful to restore that. Or to be quiet in nature. Think for oneself.

  3. Very excellent! Self efficacy isn't often seen, we tend to rely too much on others to feed our esteem and it can be so often seen in a negative way (maybe as being cocky)and yet without it none of us would be able to 'put ourselves (or our creations) out there'

    Marie, fab words.


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