13 February 2012

Creating an appealing stall at markets...

Prue modelling one of my pendants, I don't use her much now as she "scares" my daughter and one of my good friends...

How do you go about creating an appealing stall??? I have been doing markets for the last 12 months and my stall is always changing. Although looking through photos I have taken over the last 12 months I have come to the conclusion I need to add "height" Many hours have been spent on the internet looking for ideas. I have made the flag bunting its red on one side and black on the other to change the look. At Christmas time hubby and I made lots of wooden trays so that I can leave jewellery in them and pack straight away. This has proven to be a life saver as it cuts down on time for setting up and packing away. Last week I received some small black boards that I am going to use for prices and specials.

Dunkleys Craft Show in Napier 2011, 1st "big" show I have ever done...Luckily my daughter was able to help me as I was incredibly busy!!!!

Craft and Design market at Hawthorne Coffee in Havelock North, this is on the last Saturday of each month and definately one of my favourites!!!! Very well organised and lots of amazing stalls there. Have since added a gazebo to give myself (and customers) some shade!!!!

Havelock North Art and Craft Market, the 1st one I ever did in Havelock North and such lovely organisers. Unfortunately work commitments and other shows meant I havent been able to attend for months!!!!! However am hoping to get to do a few more there this year!!!!

I am still working on adding height and have a few ideas to play around with. Hubby is on holiday from next week so maybe he would like a project...

Jo from Red Lippy


  1. I like Pru :-)
    I don't do many markets, (and when I do I always cram too much on and around the table!)
    I do shop at them though, and I think different heights make it more appealing.

  2. Cool stall displays Jo, it is good to "Change it up" now and then, cheers Marie


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