11 March 2012

How to add a Tab to your Facebook Page which opens your Website/Blog/On-line Shop

With Facebook Pages changing to the same ‘Timeline’ format we have for our personal pages on 30 March, and many of us experimenting with how to make our pages work best in this format, we thought you might like a how to for adding a tab to your page which people can click on to open your website or blog or other on-line sales area – any website page in fact. 
There are no doubt many ways to do this – but we found the Static HTML by Thunderpenny i-frames app easy and quick to use, here’s how….
Step 1. Add Static HTML by Thunderpenny app to your page…
Step 2. Open all your apps by clicking on the drop down arrow
Step 3. You’ll now have a welcome app like the one highlighted below – click on it
Step 4. If you click on the FAQ and Help Centre you will get more tips on what to do from here.
If you want to add code to open your website or blog or on-line sales area etc, enter the following script altered to your own site details….
Note: if you copy this into the ‘Fans-only content’ box as well it seems to have the effect of displaying a blank page to some people (not necessarily your non-likers!), so I would recommend leaving the ‘Fans-only content’ blank or experimenting and checking with your friends to see what they see!
Save your changes

You now need to move, rename and add a pic to your new tab. To do this, click on the app and a pencil will show in the top right of the box (I can’t show it and take a snapshot at the same time unfortunately!), and select Edit Settings from the drop down box that appears. clip_image015
You can change your tab image, and description here
One last thing… as you are the admin of your page you won’t be able to click the tab and see what everyone else sees – you will instead see the html code etc. I recommend previewing it as below, and also getting someone else in your household to login to their FB account and to look at your tab and see how it displays.
Looking good Smile
Let us know how it works for you.


  1. Thanks for the tips and the script. I've been wanting an easy and cheap way to add my Felt shop to my FB page for ages. This worked really well for me except when it came to changing the picture, despite my file being in the correct format and well within the size limitations I got someone else's random photos instead of the ones I had choose - I mean icons and photos I don't have saved on my computer - really weird! Computer could just be having an off day - I'm going to try again later :)

    1. Hi Nin,
      The random photo problem is apparently a Facebook 'bug' at the moment if you try over and over (some members have reported having to do it 20 times!), eventually the image you actually want will work. Have a look at the NZHM members Facebook group if you want to see the thread on this :) ), Mel

  2. Amazing! We already have one facebook app developed that fix perfectly given ifram dimensions. Check this out http://www.facebook.com/GetAgain

    Many thanks for the tip :)

  3. This is and was wonderful! Thanks for posting!


    Jess Palotas


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