01 April 2012

Market Fun

The two things I enjoy most about going to a market attended by other creative friends?
  • Trust - You can whip to the loo/for a look around/coffee while they mind your stall.
  • Camraderie - nothing like having a quick chat between customers to keep up with crafty happenings/ share worries about the weather/ borrow safety pins!
Today I had the pleasure of attending a local school Fete with 3 other (Hawkes Bay based) New Zealand Handmaders - Leanne from Just Bead It, Nicola from Coulter and Coulter, and Jo from Red Lippy - aren't their stall displays fantastic?

Just Bead It

Coulter and Coulter

Red Lippy (and Jo's husband Sam + dog Billie - the only ones that would let me photograph them!!!)

Wildflower Designs


  1. All the stalls look super cool, and like you said, there is nothing like camaraderie with friends,

    cheers Marie

  2. So good to look at others stalls and see the different but equally lovely way they are laid out. I like the way you have achieved height in yours Mel. Always a tricky thing to do. Cheers Jane


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