15 April 2012


{pirate girls}

I am a stationery feind... I just can't get enough of it!!!  So the thought of seeing some of my work on a stationery line would be a dream come true.  I have googled art licensing in NZ and came up with a list of alcohol, gun and car licensing, but nothing to do with art.  So I thought I might have to start global... I started looking on the back of the stationery that I was attracted to in shops and what I already owned and made a list of the publishers.    I googled these companies to see if it was possible to submit some of my designs to them.  All of them had an artists submission tab!!!  It was a matter of finding the best fit for me and my work.  

There was one that really stood out for me and their mission statement really resonated with me.  Although they didn't take collage works, which my original art works were... I thought about the little drawings I do before I embark on a new series or piece.  I felt they were quite sweet in their own right and could be a good fit for the company.

I then started having a go with colouring them {they are usually just pencil sketches in my work book} it took a couple of weeks to experiment with this new media and get the look I was after... but I have come up with 6 designs that I was pretty happy with {and plenty of ideas for a lot more if needed}.  So two days ago I emailed my pieces to the company for submission... now I wait.  I will let you know if anything comes of it.  

Could this be something that you could try with your artwork?  

Katherine Quinn


  1. They are delightful Katherine, cheers Marie

  2. They look really sweet! Hope you get accepted, what a thrill that would be!

  3. Oh I'm excited for you Katherine - what a great new venture! Good luck (although I know you wont need it :) )

  4. What cute designs! Something I have hought about in the past but never knew where to start. Thanks for posting this. Let us now how you go - so exciting! Wishing you the best!

  5. Those are so cute! I'm really excited about seeing your work on stationery, I'm a bit of stationery fiend too! Good luck! :)


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