10 July 2012

A Conversation with Helen of Uncommon Thread

Wanting to make something yourself but don't want the hassle of having to source all the fabric, components and patterns seperately?  Boy to we have someone to tell you about!  Helen of Uncommon Thread designs and sells super cool DIY sewing kits including fabric, thread, pattern, instructions etc.  All you need is the sewing machine, scissors and pins to make an Apron, or Tote, or Bike Bag, or, Pinafore - wow!  Here Helen lets us in on her creative world...

Who is Uncommon Thread? 

Helen Coyte

What’s your “handmade groove ?”

I make DIY sewing kits that include everything you need to make a pinafore, an apron and a bike bag amongst other things. The kits include fabric, patterns, instructions, thread and all the other bits and bobs. I also make oilcloth bike bags and lunch bags, but am constantly coming up with new things.

What’s on your bedside table right now? (hey, no tidying up or censoring)

2 copies of Good magazine, an assortment of jewellery and some fantastic honey hand cream.

Who are your creative role models? What music, books, images, poetry spark your creative fire?

I get my ideas from all sorts of places. I love fabrics and I will often choose fabric first then come up with a design to put it in.

What could you talk late into the night about with like minded people?

Depends on how much alcohol was involved!

If you could go to three free workshops/creative events this year which ones would they be? What are they about?

I’ve recently bought a couple of patternmaking books by a Japanese patternmaker, Tomoko Nakamichi. She runs workshops elsewhere in the world and if she ever came to NZ I would definitely go to one. I doubt they would be free though!

How do you balance your creative life with your family, life commitments?

I’m not sure I do balance it very well. I tend to work in spurts. As I also work as a contractor in the fashion industry I have to fit my craft around that as well as family stuff.

What is your favourite creative screw-up?

Not sure. When I screw up it’s usually a disaster and gets stashed away with the intention of trying to fix it.

Kitchen table or studio?

I have a girl’s shed. It’s my half (really 1/3rd ) of the garage that my husband has lined and painted. I have my pattern bench and all my sewing machines out there and it really is a nice space to work in. I just wish it was a little bigger.

Do you have a wish list? Can you tell us what’s on it?

A bigger workspace! More time!

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  1. Hi Helen, great kits, always good to give someone a kit as a gift, cool fabrics, cheers Marie


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