09 September 2012

Heading into the busy season...

We are heading into the summer season, lots of markets to attend and people are starting to think about Christmas Shopping...I thought it is a good time to think about things that I think are essential to take.
For me the following are things I always have with me, over and above my stock etc...

*Panadol/Pain Relief
*Staple Gun and Staples
*Scissors, Pens, Pliars, Screwdriver
*Water and Coke Zero...
*Nails and a Hammer 
*Off Cuts of Wood (Uneven ground)
*Sun Screen
*Manual "zip zap" Machine 
*Bags to put Rubbish in
*Hand Cream

Such a long list but it is amazing, how often I use these things when I am setting up.  Also good to have these items to help out other stall holders!!!  What are things you cant do without???

My husband has made me some crates from old pallets, I am liking the different heights on my stall, however it now takes me about 2 hours to set up and around 15 minutes to completely pack up.  I am starting to realise how important it is to try and get a good sleep the night before a market.  If you have any tips I would love to hear them...

I just wanted to give you a sneak peak of a shadow box I have made, I have always had a fascination with old keys and am loving this.  So much so that I have just bought 28 very old and rusty keys, cant wait till they arrive so I can incorporate them into my jewellery!!!

Lastly this is my dog Billy he comes to most markets with me and my customers just love him and he loves the attention he gets!!!  Hard to believe we got him from the pound 4 years ago...He is what I affectionately call a "work in progress" as he is quite naughty and VERY stubborn...

Jo - Redlippy

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  1. Great spring market reminders! Along with your panadol/nurofen which is ALWAYS on hand for me, I also used to carry tape, string, a vivid, pens and small adhesive dots (for things I forgot to price!) Advice I would add - try to pack your car the night before, so in the morning you aren't scrambling around sorting last minute stuff, that's when I usually forgot something. Muesli bars come in handy too. Weights for when it's a bit windy for the gazebo... Reading your blog (ALMOST) made me miss marketing! Enjoy the season, I DO miss the people and the atmosphere at the markets! Might just have to come and be a visitor!


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