03 February 2013

Trying new things

Usually I'm a knitter, but lately I've been itching to try new crafts.  Could it be that I've grown bored of my favourite hobby?  Maybe knitting and I just need a break, and time away will remind me what I love about it.

In the meantime...  I more recently learned how to crochet, so I've been spending time on some cute crochet projects.

Now I've also decided I want to learn to sew, but that necessitates a new sewing machine.  This is my current one:
I've used it for small projects, but with it's single straight stitch I don't think it will hold my interest long.

And lastly, my very newest craft mistress is weaving.  With the birth of my youngest daughter (4 months ago today!) I've entered the world of woven wrap baby carriers.  They're lovely long pieces of cloth that you wrap around yourself and Baby, giving you free hands and a happy baby.

Most wraps are machine woven, but some are handwoven.  Looking closely at the stunning fabric of the above wrap (a Girasol, handwoven in Guatemala) I fall in love with weaving and MUST try it.  

Time to get myself a loom. LOL

Do you ever get bored of your primary craft and feel the urge to strike out in a new direction?

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  1. Oh I love your crocheted amigurumi (spelling?) - fabulous!

    Weaving is such a relaxing methodic process. Can't wait to see what you make :) (I know two local ladies who teach weaving - of the wool variety - if you need any tips)


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