05 June 2013

Product (or any) Photo Editing Online - PicMonkey

We all know how important great product photos are for selling on-line right?  There is nothing worse than a fuzzy, dark, 'busy' photo where you can't get a clear idea of just how wonderful the item actually is.  And sellers ... don't believe buyers will look past your dodgy pics and simply 'know' it's fabulous because you've made it.  Unless they're you're friends or family they'll likely scroll on by!

There are lots of photo editing options available both software, freeware, and on-line including Photoshop, Gimp, Picasa and much more.  They all have standard features and many have cool 'whizz bang pop' things you may rarely use.

If you're wanting a great on-line tool you can't go past PicMonkey (www.picmonkey.com).  It's free (although you can pay a subscription to unlock 'premium' features) and no registration is required.

As well as editing your photo, you can create collages...

You can do basic edits - crop, rotate, exposure etc.  (Tip: 'Sharpen' - very important for on-line product photos!)

There are different effects (not really suitable for product photos per se, but certainly fun for landscape scenes or other general pics).  And you can control individual items of the effects, eg brush hardness ....

As well as your basic edit tools, there are touchups, text, overlays, frames, textures and themes.  (Note: items with a little 'crown' symbol are available if you have the Royale subscription only).

So much you can do!

Do you use PicMonkey?  What's your favourite function?

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