06 November 2013

Water Etching for Original Pure Silver Jewellery

A fantastic way to create your absolutely unique silver jewellery piece is the technique called "water etching"!
Any motif, in this case a word and a star, can be painted on the dried precious metal clay item.

photo top left: every area you want to be raised needs to be covered with paint. We also covered the inside of the ring so we wouldn't have to worry washing away anything there

photo top right: once the paint is dry- which only takes a few minutes- you can start working on the uncovered areas by washing over them with a paint brush and water.
Gentle scraping motion will wash away the fine silver particles but will leave the painted parts untouched

photo bottom left: when you are happy with the depth of the etching you can leave the item to thoroughly dry. Check whether every area has been etched as intended, refine where necessary and then the item is ready to be fired

photo bottom right: the fired jewellery piece, ready to wear.
If you like you can add patina to emphasise the 3D effect or add a touch of 24ct gold to make the pattern really stand out 

Find out about silver jewellery workshops @ www.silverschool.felt.co.nz

I will also be teaching 
a 5 day workshop "Sculpting Pure Silver Jewellery" 12- 17 January 2014
at the Summer School at the CEAC Corban Estate Arts Centre www.ceac.org.nz

Suitable for beginners with no experience! You will learn about design aspects and acquire skills to shape, decorate, refine and finish your individual silver jewellery pieces.

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