04 December 2013

Have a Crafty Christmas Shopping Experience Just Like This One!...

At this time of year there are some spectacular events to find all manner of handcrafted goodness.  These events don't happen by accident of course and behind the scenes the organisers spend months of planning, co-ordinating and generally running around like blue-bottomed flies!  Sellers too of course, have spent time applying to attend, frantically making stock, and planning fab displays.

One of our favourite annual Hawkes Bay based events - Fruit Bowl Craft Jam, organised by Jess and Jo of Coco and Co - took place this past weekend, and we thought we'd share some pics!

It starts like this....

photo: http://www.facebook.com/fruitbowlcraftjam
Sellers arrive and setup begins...
photo: http://www.facebook.com/rubyredlippy

photo: http://www.facebook.com/rubyredlippy
 Open for business...
photo: http://www.facebook.com/fruitbowlcraftjam

photo: http://www.facebook.com/fruitbowlcraftjam
 What's a fair without a great Jam Bake Off?..
photo: http://www.facebook.com/fruitbowlcraftjam
 And amazing entertainment...
photo: http://www.facebook.com/fruitbowlcraftjam

The fabulous Hawkes Bay Based New Zealand Handmaders in attendance!...
Top Row: Sticky Tiki, Fat Spatula, Wildflower Designs/
2nd Row: Little Frienz, Soos Garden, Sleep and Her Sisters
3rd Row: Red Lippy, Nobel Steed
4th Row: Red Pharo, Coulter and Coulter, Reclectica

What markets/fairs and festivals are happening where you live?

And you can find the nationwide events New Zealand Handmade members are attending right here... http://www.newzealandhandmade.co.nz/p/markets-and-events.html

Happy shopping everyone!

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