30 April 2014

Watermarking Photos - the software program I love right now...

One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given about product photography was to always watermark your photos - 1. it identifies the piece as yours and not for copy, and 2. it's great reinforcement of the makers brand/business name.

And so I've always done it - but to be honest, it's not been my favourite task because it's always taken so long to individually edit each photo and copy and paste a watermark to each one.

Now you do know I like to share any exciting, time-saving finds with my fellow creatives, so today, I thought I'd share my recent discovery of the rather wonderful Visual Watermark program which in a nutshell is a batch watermarking software.  I cannot tell you how much I love it!

It was low cost - US$19.99 (one off), packed with features, and super easy to use.  I'll leave you to go check out the nitty gritty of just what it can do ... http://www.visualwatermark.com/.

But here's a quick visual of how it works for me...

I add all the photos I want to watermark
My Watermark is saved so I don't even have to do the next few steps, I skip right to the end of saving my watermark to all the photos, but if I wanted to do a new one.  I would start here by adding my water mark logo/and or text

This is my logo which I want to reduce down, change the opacity etc.  Easily done with all the options on the right

So you can see the edited logo bottom left, now I want to add some text, change it's colour, font, size etc

Starting to take shape.  If I want I can also add a photo border as part of my watermark process

Here's where the placement of the watermark will be on all of the photos I choose to put it on.  At this point I would save the watermark so I can use it in the future and not have to do the setup process.

The last step is to batch add the watermark to all the photos I have chosen.  As you can see there are options for overwriting etc - super flexible!

Do let me know if you give it a try and find it just as great as I do :-)

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