23 September 2010

Silverworks Studio Tour

The beauty of working with precious metal clay is that you can do it almost anywhere! I started out in our small sunroom on a small table. I have to admit, the number of tools I had available right after I became a certified instructor for Art Clay Silver, was rather small. Everything fitted into the tool bag, see photo, and was put away quickly.

Nowadays it is a bit different, my workspace has somewhat expanded: my youngest son's bedroom has been transformed for my artwork.

The boxes with stamps and items I use to work with the silver clay are right there at my fingertips, and are easily packed when I take them with me when I teach out of the house.

The latest addition to my set up was a camp stove, (well before the earthquake in Christchurch!). Not for cooking but to show my students how easy it is to fire on it the jewellery they made.

I enjoy my jewellery studio, best thing is that I don't have to move work in progress any more!

Ingrid of Silverworks


  1. Having taken one of Ingrid's Art Silver Clay workshops I can truly say it was the most enjoyable, relaxed and fascinating learning experiences I have had. I look forward to learning more after the crazy summer season :)

  2. I wish I lived close enough to take a workshop from Ingrid. Her work is gorgeous.

  3. What a lovely creative space, it looks like it has so much of your positive energy in it Ingrid. Nice and light and bright. cheers Marie


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