18 October 2010

We're all going south...

Yesterday evening was the opening of my exhibition 'We're all going south'... it is always a nerve wracking time putting your heart and soul up on the walls for people to see.  But I am pleased to say it went well, so now I can sit back and relax for a bit.

It will be open for the next two weeks so if you are in the Hastings area feel free to pop in and take a look.

Hastings Community Arts Center,
106 Russell Street, Hastings.
The exhibition will be showing from 18 - 30 October.

A few pieces that were featured in the exhibition

after I finished putting up the work

just after we opened the doors

Latecia Christie pointing out her favourites


  1. How exciting Katherine! Congratulations! It looks wonderful, wish I was nearer and could pop in!

  2. Oh I am so looking froward to seeing it on Thursday, when I come up to town. cheers Marie

  3. Wish I could go! Looks so wonderful! Congratulations Katherine!

  4. I'll definitely be stopping in to check it out. Great job!

  5. The exhibition looks very elegant - Congratulations!

  6. So annoyed I wasn't in the country for your opening - but definately going to visit this week :).


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