20 December 2010

On My Wish List ...

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When I was a child I had a fierce imagination, I would screw my face up tight and cross my fingers and wish hard for faeries to appear, magic to happen and life to be the most amazing story. I had a wish tree where I would hang my wishes and wait for them to come true. (and sometimes they did, especially around Christmas time!) For this Christmas, my wish tree has hanging on it ...
  • space to create my business plan for 2011
  • find a studio to work from
  • finish writing/designing two workshops
  • the release from suffering for all those suffering
  • to learn to dance the tango
  • travel to Bhutan with the buddhist monk I sponsor
  • get on a bike and do some of the amazing tracks in NZ
  • read the stack of books piled around the house, including "Creative Habits" by Twyla Tharp
Whats on your wish list for 2011? Carol

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