08 March 2011

Made It Here - In Napier

Right in the main street of Napier is a handmade heaven which stocks almost anything handmade. Its called Purple Patch Handcrafts and is a co-operative run by the members who sell their handmade wares there.

Its been in existence for at least the last 30 years, just changing location ocassionally. As far back as I can remember I would go there with my twin sister to wait for our mother to finish her day there - and now I am a member as well.

The shop is one of the only places around to buy actual one of a kind handknitted garments like jerseys and handknitted toys. Sewn items as well as a range of products for baby are hot sellers.

I think its nice that there is still shop around that doesn't mass produce its products and where you know you are purchasing quality. If you are in Napier then don't forget to visit the Purple Patch, at the bottom of Emerson Street.

Sent in by Joy of Kazzalblue

(If you would like to share about somewhere that has a connection to handmade in your neighbourhood then please send your post and a few pics to info@newzealandhandmade.co.nz)


  1. There is also a Purple Patch shop in Hamilton, Waikato. When I was little my maternal Grandmother would take me and my sister there to choose clothes for our dolls. It was wonderful.
    My Grandmother is an embroiderer, knitter, and seamstress, but now that her fingers aren't what they used to be she often buys Christmas presents for her family from Purple Patch. There's something so special about receiving a handmade present – and my Grandmother has such a discerning eye that she wouldn't buy from Purple Patch if the goods weren't of high quality. Hooray for Purple Patch!

  2. What great memories. I remember the dolls clothes too that my mother bought me and still have them now. My daughter played dressups with them when she was little :)

  3. When I go to Napier, I sometimes pop in and have a look, always good value, cheers Marie

  4. I remember it from when I was very young so I'm sure it's been around at least 30 years - great value and quality products made with love - an institution in Napier :) . Are there any others apart from here and Hamilton?

  5. I know of one in Taupo, Tauranga and Christchurch as well. I've never been to the Christchurch one but the others are nice shops. All a bit different with their own identity though :)Joy

  6. I love checking out Purple Patch whenever I go 'home' to Hawkes Bay. It was a real treat back in the day to be able to choose a new outfit for my Daisy or Sindy doll!

  7. There is a like shop in Dunedin. Princes Street quite close to the octagon has Variety Handcrafts-also run and staffed voluntarily by a co-operative of craftspeople. Well worth a visit.These precious wee shops seem to have dissapppeared from the nz scene and are worth supporting. The profits from the Dunedin shop go to a selected charity each year. eg equimpnet for the hospital


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