03 July 2011

Market going / Energy output

By buying local we save on Energy, we do not have to travel so far
By buying Handmade arts and crafts at local markets/fairs you are supporting local craftsmen and women
It is lovely to have Handmade items in your home
They carry the energy of the artist
and often always get lots of comments from visitors as well as being a joy to have

My Sister-in-law

 A lot of weekend markets sell a range of goods, from Organic fruit and vegetables to plants and jams
In amongst this are wonderful handmade items
I think it is good to mix it up a bit, then the market becomes a place to buy all that you need

There is trend in New Zealand now to go out on the weekend, to have a coffee and visit your local market
Do check out our markets that we attend at the top of the page,
and if you know of one that we do not know about feel free to share

Cheers  Marie


  1. I totally agree Marie. Local markets are wonderful and deserve our support. Your stall looks beautiful btw :)

  2. Yep I also agree... Is that the Otane market, I can't wait to come and have a look.

  3. No Katherine, that was the Wairoa art market I went to a while ago, cheers Marie


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