02 August 2011

The Elms - Tauranga

When I was little my parents took me and my sister to see the Mission House. On a recent trip to stock up the Kazzalblue shops I went back for another look. It still stands as it did when I was young and I'm pleased to say I remember it well.

The Elms historic house museum, is the oldest European heritage site in the Bay of Plenty, and an essential stop for everyone visiting Tauranga.

The house itself is well known by its huge shutters. A family home for 150 years, the house is now a museum, showcasing the lives of the three generations who lived within its walls.

Inside the house remains in its original state with olden day furniture and decor.

The Library, found in the garden, has changed little since it was built in 1839, and still holds books belonging to the Browns, and the Church Missionary Society and a vast amount of photos covering every inch f the walls of the small building. The early missionaries had to be self sufficient, and the wide range of topics covered by the books include theology, medicine, music and gardening.

You can stroll around the gardens of the house, containing a chapel with its bell tower, cottages and library most days until 4pm. There are also viewing times to go into the buildings - but not Wednesdays - that's cleaning day!

Posted by Joy of Kazzalblue


  1. Wow, what amazing history - great to see such things preserved and open to visitors.

  2. That's so interesting! I lived in Tauranga for 6 years and never went there. It's now on my 'next time I visit' list. Thanks :-)

  3. Looks a great place to visit Joy, cheers Marie


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