18 September 2011

Made It Here - Havelock North

Spring time is great: longer days and a hint of the returning warmth.

Havelock North's beautiful surroundings come to life again!

Located on the foothills of Te Mata Peak- with views to the Ruahine Ranges in the West, Mt Erin to the South, Napier and the sea to the North.

Residents still call it "the village" but during the last two decades it really has outgrown this description. Together with the population the number of shops have grown, you find many cafes and bars, and we even have a movie theatre!

The views, the ever changing wide skies above Hawke's Bay, the pink and white "seas" of flowering orchards followed by new foliage in the gardens, parks and on the hills and beautiful nature treasures- this is where the inspiration comes for my jewellery.

by Ingrid of Silverworks


  1. Its lovely this time of year isn't it! (She says sitting on the deck in the sun :)

  2. I love Havelock North, a pleasant village to wander around, with a great arty movie theater, cheers Marie

  3. Looks so nice...a bit warmer than windy ol' Wellington. I will have to visit some time :)


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