29 January 2012

Facebook E-commerce Solutions (Shops) for your Page

In June last year I shared my thoughts on a  Facebook E-Commerce solution for your Facebook Page.  A nifty little application called Shop Now by Payvment, which enables even the smallest business to add an application to their Facebook page which is basically an on-line shop (a way of direct selling on Facebook).  The basics of it - and I think all most would need - are free but there are extra features you can add at a cost if you want.

Things have changed quite a bit to the 'dashboard' area of Payvment since then so I would recommend going to their site and having a look, but it's essence and features remain largely the same - it's user friendly, simple and pretty darn good.

Today, I wanted to share with you another Facebook E-Commerce solution which features in the top 5 recommended e-commerce apps of most articles you can Google along with Payvment.... VendorShop Social.  

The main difference between VendorShop Social and Payvment, aside from looks, is the ability to reward your fans with a discount for liking your page or 'sharing' your products, depending on your preference it also looks 'prettier' with the shop banner and description features.  Again, the free plan seems perfectly adequate, but you can purchase other plans which add options such as coupons.    

In the interests of having some experience of what I'm talking about(!), I did a quick shop setup for my FB page and it really was easy peasy ...the only thing I did struggle with was the currency feature - although I selected New Zealand $, it's showing USD... I'm sure the fix is easy I just haven't looked for the solution yet!

It should also be said that both the Payvment and VendorShop applications allow you to turn on/off your shop so that they can be used all the time or just for sales every now and then.

Here are a few screen shots of VendorShop ...

the basics to setting up your shop

you can upload products in bulk via a csv file or individually

Nifty to have a shop banner :).  And note the Verisign and McAfee Security

Category Setup is flexible

You can price for regular, 'likers', and sale options

Product view

My Payvment Shopfront
My VendorShop Shopfront

So if you're looking for an alternative and more polished/professional option to the sale photo album style of selling often seen on FB pages (which according to those in the 'social media' know, can give your page and business a 'garage or yard sale' vibe if done regularly), then Payvment or VendorShop could very well be for you :).

Want to see a working example of a Facebook e-commerce shop?  Here's a great example of a Payvment shop run by New Zealand Handmade member - Leanne, of Feel At Home.  Leanne's shop is open right now and she also runs specific promotions really making the application work for her!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this Mel :) I've setup Payvment and find it easy enough to use. VendorShop sounds interesting. Julie

  2. Now this looks interesting, have just popped over to Leanne's Facebook to have a look. cheers Marie


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