04 March 2012

Preloved - Recycled- Reclaimed

 I found this pure wool white blank wall hanging in a thrift shop
And made it into something new
There is a lot of reclaiming of materials going on today
I know some of our New Zealand Handmade friends
Use recycled - pre loved -up cycled materials
Vintage fabric is turned into pretty cushions
Leather is reclaimed and turned into journal covers
Wool Jerseys are washed in hot water and made into felt purses
Do you have an item on your site that you would like to link to
So we can all see the many values of sustainability
cheers Marie


  1. Oh gosh, Marie! It's beautiful!

  2. I love op shops, there are so many treasures to be found :-)

    Great use of the blanket.

  3. Very special! My son saw his first rainbow yesterday and it was a very exciting event! Ethical crafting is the philosophy behind my creations too. I create jewellery using silver that has come from scrap jewellery & photographic equipment rather than newly mined. Here's a link to my recycled crafting: http://www.relique.co.nz/categories/filigree-affaire-collecti/kowhai-sterling-silver-earrings

  4. Many thanks Relique Jewellery, Rainbows are rather wonderful, as is Ethical crafting. cheers Marie

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